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It says there is a long process that lead to the delay in getting Lawyer up on the site. The DOJ also requested documentation from Colorado so that it could perform an assessment of his case and determine his status.

Part of the problem is that different states have varying requirements, definitions and criteria for sex-offender registration, including designation as a "sexually violent predator. There are about parolees with this classification in that state. If an offender receives this designation, Colorado neighborhoods are notified when a potential home has been found for a parolee.

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He says sexually violent predators in that state have not been identified as having a severe mental illness. Lawyer's residence in Carmichael did not come to light until Yin Wong of Sacramento was found dead near Auburn this past December. The woman, found partially eaten by a mountain lion, made headlines, and Wong's family told The Sacramento Bee that she and Lawyer knew each other.

Davis says her nephew and Wong had coffee once, but he did not pursue a relationship.

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On Monday night, Lawyer was arrested. He is being held in the Sacramento County Jail without bail. His girlfriend, Roeschan Rux, says he was booked for a curfew violation after the couple returned to her home after a hike. She called it a mistake. Rux also says Lawyer has served his sentence and should be allowed to prove he is a changed man. He's very remorseful for what he's done in his past.

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The Megan's Law website lists 3, offenders in Sacramento city and county. Sessa added that the CDCR also has data that indicates a significant decrease in recidivism when a parolee is released to the care of family. Check out a sample ReCap newsletter. We Get Support From:.

Sexual Assault Felony Enforcement (S.A.F.E.) Team

Update Required To play audio, update browser or Flash plugin. Neighbors are asking why it took so long. A Four-Month Delay Colorado and California set the conditions of Lawyer's parole, which included an ankle-monitoring device. Klaas, whose year-old daughter, Polly, was kidnapped and murdered in He added, "Why now and not five years ago?

Why not eight years ago? Some cities in California, eager to get the information on the Internet, did not wait for the state.

Last spring, the police in San Jose listed that city's most serious sex offenders on a Web site, and in October the Sacramento Police Department did so. Justin Risley, a spokesman for the Sacramento police. Bedrosian defended the timing of the state's Web site, noting that the legislation requiring the database passed only in September and actually gave the attorney general's office until next July to get it up and running. Ahearn said that children's advocacy groups welcomed the online service as a big step in making information about convicted sex offenders readily available to the public.

But she said it left significant areas for improvement. Of the 63, registered sex offenders whose data can be retrieved, exact addresses are available only for the 33, who have committed the most serious crimes. An estimated 20 percent of those listed have not advised the authorities of changes of address.

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In addition, following state law, the site does not include information on about 22, other offenders convicted of less serious sex crimes. With so many omissions, Ms. Ahearn said, she fears families using the database might get a false sense of security.