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10 Steps for Finding Your Family Tree Online

You might go further, however. Tracing your family history may also involve learning more about the times in which your family lived so that you can sketch in the background and add colour to the basic framework of names and dates - in effect, answering the questions of why and how. The scope of the project is up to you. Tracing your ancestors is a challenging form of research that requires strategy, organization, hard work and persistence.

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But it can be personally satisfying and result in a valuable family legacy for generations to come. A place to start -The Archives of Ontario is a major resource in terms of access to key documents for Ontario families.

Through our reference archivists in our reading room, we provide the expert advice you need to develop into a successful genealogical detective. For more information on getting started and insight into the records we have that may be helpful to you, follow the links below. Click here for information about vital statistics records births, marriages and deaths.

What is a Family Tree?

Archives Of Ontario. Visit Us On Tracing your ancestry at the Archives of Ontario. Your personal imprint on history History is about people. What is "genealogy"? Of course, many records themselves are now online at such sites as: www.

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Family Historians are incredible help to each other. There is a network of local societies with regular meetings up and down the country. Here you can meet like minded people with the same interests and local expertise. The Society of Genealogists prelive. Details of local societies can be found through the Federation of Family History Societies www.

Step by Step Guide to Tracing Your Family Tree

The Society of Genealogists library collects published and unpublished family histories and research notes. The Society of Genealogists and The National Archives have good online bookshops with plenty of titles to help you. Who are you dealing with? You must at least know a name.

Where did your ancestors live? Most records are associated with a place. When were they alive? Records and research will differ depending on the period you are interested in. What did your ancestors do in their lives and will that affect what information you can find? Your family history will be drawn from myriad of records and sources throughout history in which your ancestors will be mentioned.


Remember to have a clear idea of what you are looking for and why you started the search in the first place. Family history is fun and thoroughly absorbing. Good hunting. The Society's Record Guides introduce the sources that will help you with your family history. Our wide ranging programme of talks, courses, walks and visits is open to anyone interested in family history. Cookie Compliance We use cookies to give you the best possible online experience.

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