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I've looked into this and while I can seem to find ways to replace individual phone numbers, I can't seem to find the coding advice to strip and replace digits in a format I want. Any help would be deeply appreciated!

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I second Victoria's suggestion to check out the links she provided. Another solution, which would be my approach, is to export all of the data to file, fix the numbers as needed and import the file data back into AD, overwriting the existing phone data. Thanks for the link.

This is really helpful for reformatting all the phone numbers except for the ones with the extension built in.

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The problem that I have is that I need to take that data the extension and perhaps export that all and send it back to the ip phone field. I looked into exporting the data, but I got a bit confused as far as the correct format to export it in. Can you give me a basic syntax for how I would export phone number data and then send it back.

I assume exporting it in csv would be the best? Thanks so much. That works fantastic for phone numbers in the format ext and populates the ip phone correctly. I need to do two more things to complete this and I think they'll probably be pretty simple. I need the phone number to correctly format into format for any 10 digits and I need home and mobile numbers to do the same.

This is the function that I use to format telephone numbers. I'm certain it can meet your purpose with some minor editing.

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This function takes an unformatted string of numbers, strips out any spaces, dashs, or parentheses and puts the number in the correct format. Replace " ","".

Replace "-","". Sample Results. Some VoIP numbers may be reported as Landlines. This service will report new carrier and the new line type, even if the number was ported today!

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Mobile phone numbers will also include the SMS email address giving you the ability to email text or media messages. Data is updated daily. Phone number porting LNP information is updated daily. Do Not Call data is for US only. This low-cost service uses sophisticated algorithms, multiple factors and telco files to indicate if number is reachable.

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If a number was activated or disconnected within a week or was not called in many months, its status may not be reported correctly. Please Wait Processing Your Request It appears that you are using Internet Explorer IE , version This outdated browser is not supported. Home Lookups Identify Phone Number. Phone Number:.

Line Type and Carrier Standard.